Tiptoeing back in…

I am working on coming back into writing again (wrote poetry and such for years). There doesn’t seem to be any kind of market for poetry, but what the heck? So…here’s a piece I am working on. I am looking for feedback – mechanical, aesthetic, whatever. Pick it apart and let me know what you think. This piece is a mild version of what’s been coming out in my writing and seems a fair sample. This is me inviting you all into the creative process with me. Welcome 🙂

Not sure how I ended up in here

Been wallowing awhile in this pit

Too deep for the light to reach

Withstood the hammer as long as I could

Finally broke me into a million pieces

Shattered beyond retrieval or repair

Keep wiping at the shit that covers me

Can’t get clean ’cause it just smears

So stained it’s useless to clean

Waiting for a hand to reach down and grab mine

A magician to mold shards into a vessel

A lover who sees me in bright white hues

Hope shrivels and faith wanes away

Broken, dirty in my pit I remain

Expecting nothing but a fairy tale


Talk to me!

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