I’ve never really understood what people mean when they describe someone as “deep.” I’ve been described this way before and it always feels awkward, like the person is sort of complimenting me but also telling me I’m weird. I think what they mean is that the person they are describing is thoughtful, that they express understanding or wisdom or insight that reaches beyond the norm. Maybe they just mean that the person has that Jungian sage feel to them, the wise and patient approach to life that resembles the example of Mister Miyagi.

I once heard a sermon series on Psalm 23; verse two of that psalm says, “He makes me lie down in green pastures, He leads me beside quiet waters.” The speaker pointed out that quiet, or still, waters are deep. Shallow water, like in a creek or stream, runs and skips and dances across rocks that are visible from the surface. But still water, water that is peaceful and quiet, is deep water. The depth allows the water to remain calm when elements are introduced that would disturb shallower areas. Living a life that feels disturbed most of the time, this image is particularly powerful.

Music has always created a deeper experience for me. There’s something about being engaged emotionally and mentally with lyrics and the movement of sound that creates another space deep inside. I was at a show recently and this experience of opening up was so meaningful for me that I am still feeling the effects days later. I’m a word girl, and the lyrics I heard were poetic and beautiful without being obtuse, giving me images to wrap my mind around without telling me what to think. The music itself was complex and layered, creating a rich sound that piqued my curiosity again every three minutes or so. A clicking pen became a secondary percussive layer; there were instruments I didn’t even know what to call (though I think “box-y accordian-y thing” is just fine). This kind of beauty draws me into worship, regardless of the actual content of the music. The reality that God has promised to make His home in me, that the Spirit resides somewhere inside and is waiting to speak with me is one I often forget is true and powerful. Music can open that door to me in a way nothing else quite does.

This week we are starting something new at my church. On the first Wednesday of each month we will be setting aside an hour or so to engage in an extended, “unplugged” time of worship. We will read passages of Scripture from time to time that all speak to a theme (this month it will be seeking out the heart of God). We don’t have a goal beyond trying to spend time in stillness to create space for God, kind of practicing solitude, together. We hope this will be a time when we come together and go deep, making space for the voice of God in ourselves and our community. We are a very active place, believing strongly that to follow Christ is to do the things Christ did. My hope is that in our search for incarnational spirituality we never forsake the need for deep spirituality. I want us to be a community of people who seek the heart of Christ while striving to emulate Him. This can look ethereal, or mystical, or weird, but it is vital to being people who worship “in Spirit and in truth.”

If you’ve wished we could spend more time in worship on Sundays, or you are looking for a space to practice stillness, or you just long to find that deeper connection, I hope you can join us. Whether you come to our gathering place tomorrow or create your own space for seeking depth in music and fellowship, I pray you will grow to know the voice of God as well as He knows yours.


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