Bringing a dead thing back to life again is never an easy thing to do. Dry and brittle, settled into the resignation of decay until only a shell, a crust remains.

A branch, cracked and flaking breaks with the softest breeze and falls shattering to the ground. If sap were to fill its veins again, the splitting from the swell could destroy it completely.

Brittle bones, notched and gorged by battle, littering the valley floor and naked now that flesh is eaten and piled high splinter in protest when the earth rattles and sways as the voice of man calls them back to his form.

And the heart, oh the broken human heart. Coated with jagged dust from years of idleness. Bruised and cracked from years of abuse. How it groans and retreats from the reach of new love. The gentlest touch digs the dust in deep to the ragged flesh. The slightest trickle of life blood burns the cracked surface. To swell with life, to pump out a rhythmic beat again, could stretch and burst the heart from its core. So like a car engine resisting the turn of a key in the ignition, the heart retreats from the threat of rehydration. Dry and broken, it’s learned to exist, to cope. The risk of new life is too great. The only movement it can muster is to cower deeper into the darkness from the poking and prodding of love. The dead thing recognizes only the pain of resurrection.

But fear has never fed or filled the heart. Life still burns deep within, an ember flowing with just too much light to let the heart slip away completely. The fire of love extended draws the flickering flame closer to the surface, feeds it to burn just a little brighter. The power of a written page, the beauty of an ageless painting, the in-filling of poetry to music in a crowded room all call out to the glowing seed of heat and light. The whisper of “freedom” breathed out by the Holy Ghost fans the flame. The outstretched hand of new love stirs the ashes seeking out the life that remains. So in the face of the promise and the fear, the dust and the flow, the weariness and passion, the heart gives itself trembling and terrified but trusting to the embrace of new love.


1 Comment

  1. viclyn7 said,

    April 25, 2012 at 6:08 am

    LOVE. This post is most engaging and beautifully written.

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