Credit: Tygger3389, DeviantArt, Creative Commons

Credit: Tygger3389, DeviantArt, Creative Commons

Okay, so this might be a little trivial but I really enjoy certain stories and characters in current media. Because I believe that certain plots and characters resonate with us for a reason I’ve decided I’d like to highlight some of the more meaningful to me here. I hope there are no spoilers to come; I will try to be sure to give fair warning! First up is my favorite character from “Bones.” He’s a side character, but in many ways the most human. Here’s some of why:

  • He is likable despite the fact that he works with ooey, gooey grossness. I loathe bugs but I still love listening to him talk about them. Anyone who can speak intelligently about something that generally revolts me has my respect.
  • He uses the word “baby” and not just with women he’s romantically involved with at the time.  This holds a special place in my heart that was created back in my childhood. Any time this term of endearment is used in a non-sexual way, it stirs a sense of belonging and affection.
  • Once he loves a woman, he is all in. He spares no expense or ounce of energy to help her, support her, and make sure she knows she’s cherished. We’ve lost the ability to cherish each other, much less show it. We don’t say it enough, express it enough, meditate on it enough.
  • Conspiracy theorists are hilarious. Developing cohesive theories is the cutest.
  • He knows how to have a best friend. Not a macho, let’s just shoot guns and not ever talk about anything real best friend. Someone he cares about, who breaks his heart. And he sticks it out anyway. I hope men in my generation are rediscovering the power of a real friendship.

I was raised by a man named Jim. He was uneducated but incredibly intelligent. He was hilarious and a poet. He was spiritual but very down-to-earth. He worked menial jobs most of my life and he doted on me. He was also a verbally abusive alcoholic, someone I haven’t heard from in over ten years. At sixteen I made the decision not to see him again until he quit drinking because I could no longer watch him slowly kill himself with the booze. I did see him a few more times at family events, but he’s been missing from my life for a very long time.

Yet he is the archetype of “male” in the deepest parts of my mind. Anyone I meet with a genuine sense of humor, an under-appreciated intellect, a gentle approach to others immediately makes me think of my dad. Unfortunately this also has led me to some dysfunctional choices in regard to romance. But something about the character of Hodgins feels…familiar. He’s become one of my favorite complicated television characters because he reminds me of one of my favorite complicated humans.


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