Rediscovering the inner Lorelai

This is a republished post from September 14, 2011

Not to be cliché, but I love the fall. I used to hate it, this gloomy season of death foreshadowing the loathsome prison sentence of arctic trapped-ness called winter. But somewhere along the way I found myself being wooed this time of year. The rich browns, auburns, and golds draw my eyes deep into the treeline. The earthy, smoky scents make me want to breathe all the way down into my toes. The sounds of animals scurrying through carpets of fallen leaves or of crackling firewood echoing off the stars send heavy calm into my soul. As they say in one of my favorite movies, “it makes me want to go buy school supplies.” Scarecrows and gourds and apples in stew, these are some of my favorite things.

This autumn I’ve found myself wanting to re-watch “Gilmore Girls” – a show a friend once told me was based on a parallel universe version of me (as in fast-talking, coffee-inhaling, pop-cultury working girl with a crazy parental back story but no kid, torrid affairs, or long legs to speak of). Their setting translates into a constant fall-esque fashion show, their movie marathons (though I’ve been told the word ‘marathon’ only applies to running) and junk food buffets reflect all things I love about girl nights, and the reminder that romance often shows up in random places offers hope in the season I’ve always said would be perfect for falling in love. After all, campfires, late-night coffee, and plenty of reason to snuggle up are the perfect set-up for mushy-gushy feelings to stir.

So in celebration of this time of year and my renewed addiction to the world of Gilmore, here are three reasons I’ve recently loved this show.

1. Everyone looks great in a black leather jacket. It’s fall in Stars Hollow and Lorelai is sporting her fitted leather well (though I would not recommend the cranberry leather pants, even on her). I’ve recently moved, and most of my clothes are in bags in friends’ basements. I grabbed a few the other night labeled “winter” because I am so excited about scarves, though I had lost hope in ever finding my jackets again. On a whim this morning, I ripped one bag open I was sure only had blankets in it. To my elation, the black beauty was the first thing I saw. Sporting it today makes me feel confident in a way only a well-fitted black leather jacket can.

2. I am trying to stick to a budget right now, because my small group is mean and every Sunday night we are listening to a mean man tell us to name our dollars. During a recent episode, Lorelai was hurt and her good, beautiful friend Sookie brought her a brown bag full of tacos. I hadn’t eaten dinner yet, and suddenly I would have given my left pinkie for a bag of tacos. Alas, none of my dollars are named “taco” or even “juan.” So I pressed pause and scrounged up the following: soy beef crumbles, black beans, corn, shredded cheese, and salsa. A little nuke-time and we were good to go…almost. Where’s the crunchy? Well…I had one item in the entire house that even came close to shells or chips. Aldi triscuits. That’s right. I crushed some triscuits, stirred them in, and called it a day. Don’t ask if it satisfied the craving…or if this week’s check includes some dollars named dinero…

3. About 40% of the scenes with Lorelai in them involve her with a cup of coffee in hand (that’s not an actual stat, btw – I’m not that bad). Until a few years ago I actually matched or beat this record most of the time. One friend told me that I used more words to order coffee at Starbucks than anyone he’d ever met, and that I drank more coffee than anyone should. I went through a spell of trying the whole moderation thing, but I’ve decided to pick up the ol’ coffee drinking hobby once again. This past week I had already had an iced coffee by 8:15 when I met with some people to talk and pray. As we were leaving, one of the people asked me how much coffee I’d had. I told him, and he encouraged me to always drink that much coffee. His exact words were “you’re a better person when you drink coffee.” Apparently, my very character improves with this habit.


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