Fighting Words

Credit: Crispin Semmens on Flickr via Creative Commons

Credit: Crispin Semmens on Flickr via Creative Commons

I’m sorry…

For every time the Bible has been used to beat you down like an ancient boxing glove driving down from the sky.

For every time its words have stripped away your dignity, telling you you’re less human because of your gender, or your sexual orientation, your race or your faith.

For every time it’s been used like a drill to drive fear into your heart, opening all the wounds and insecurities already riddling holes into the tender flesh keeping you alive.

For every time it’s been shouted at you from corners, whipped at you from television screens, or smashed over your knuckles in what should have been a safe place.

I’m sorry…

For every time the fairy tale faith someone outlined for you in its pages turned out to be just fiction.

For every time the fortune cookie verse lied, the numbers didn’t win the big one, and the Chinese translation was wrong.

For every time you were told to count on promises that never applied to you to begin with, but the disappointment was still so deep it aches.

For every time a sloppy teacher, bad theologian, controlling pastor, or immature believer lied on God’s behalf.

I hope that someday, someone can help you tap into the Bible’s healing balm, transcendent truth, its beauty and power and grace. I hope you can find your way to peace with God there, despite all the war we’ve waged at you with its words.

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