Stooping to Christ’s Level?

~ Abolitionist Daniel Goodwin, in response to a clergyman’s affirmation of “biblical” slavery despite opposing it personally based on “sympathies, tastes…feelings…prejudices of education, habit, and social position.” (quoted by Jay Bakker, Faith, Doubt, and Other Lines I’ve Crossed)

“‘Do his “sympathies, tastes, and feeling” which lead to the condemnation of slavery, arise from the better – the more benevolent and charitable – or from the worse, the more selfish part of his nature?? And if from the former, was Christianity intended to repress or to encourage and cultivate our better and kindlier feeling?…Were the education and habits he refers to derived from Christian or from ungodly associations and influences? And finally…does not his inmost soul, and do not the sole tenor and spirit of the Word of God and the Blessed Gospel of Christ cry out against the institution of Slavery? Shall it indeed be necessary for a “Christian Bishop” to school down his humane instincts and sympathies, in order to bring them on a level with those of Jesus Christ?'”


1 Comment

  1. Eric Ashley said,

    February 8, 2014 at 9:35 pm

    Read the start of Mere Christian ity for an explanation that instincts such as love need to be encouraged and suppressed by morality, which is the player on the piano.

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