Screw The Haters: Have Yourself A Merry Little Valentine’s Day

Because I think any reason to celebrate a significant relationship is a good thing. And because I think finding, creating, maintaining, or sustaining love is a worthy endeavor. And because there’s enough to be cynical about in the world. Don’t celebrate your person because you have to today…do it because you get to.

Thought Catalog

Has it always been cool to hate Valentine’s Day? I feel like even when I was a teenager no one was really gagging for a fistful of roses on V-Day. We just all wanted to be left alone to play pixelated snake on our Nokia phones with the clip on covers and smoke cigarettes in the last stall of the girl’s toilets. Yes, it’s always been tres chic to hate on Valentine’s Day: “It’s a manifestation of corporate greed,” “Kurt Cobain is LITERALLY turning in his grave right now”, “I don’t believe in Valentine’s Day,” “4eVa aLoNe”.

How many other holidays do you celebrate that you don’t believe in? Christmas? Are you REALLY throwing a birthday party for Jesus? Or do you just like being around all your friends and family, opening gifts while drinking yourself stupid and eating yourself into a food coma? I mean, I’ve celebrated July 4th…

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