Looking back over my twenties and even the first year or two into my thirties, I often see the image of a desert. It was dry, and hard, and felt mostly barren. There were constantly new dunes to climb, few oases that didn’t turn out to be a mirage, and little relief from the cutting of windblown sand or oppressive heat. I was mostly lost, wandering the terrain of a religious world I didn’t understand and could never quite find a place to build a home. I was confused about who I was, how I was wired, why I thought and felt and believed things that kept me just a little exiled.

I’ve been deconstructing much of what I tried to believe, the suits I tried to make fit and the systems I tried to make comfortable despite the inevitable chaffing, over the past few years. It’s been hard work, lugging crumbling boulder and rotten beam from the foundation of Christ and chucking them into the scrap pile of dogma. But some spaces, those cleared earliest, are starting to show signs of life. Dandelions are sprouting, and streams are starting to flow from the center of the garden.

One of those streams that is running deepest these days is a renewed love for music. I never really forgot that I love music, that poetry of word and sound woven together has often been the most direct voice of God into my spirit. Somehow, though, I’ve begun discovering new artists all the time who spark different fires in my soul (I am pretty sure King David would have been all over YouTube).  Which is why you keep getting their videos on this blog. Their voices are reverberating deep inside me. And I want you to hear those echos, too. Because in doing so, you hear my heartbeat. And I love sharing that with you.

So, once again Passenger has created a wave in my stream with his words:

Cause I’ve got a light that shines/And a love so pure/But I don’t know what to use them for/I should know by now…

Everyone’s filling me up with noise, I don’t know what they’re talking about

See all I need is a whisper in a world that only shouts.


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