Failing one another, beautifully

I don’t have much to offer. At least, not much by the romantic standards of any of the worlds in which I live. I’ve an imperfect body that will only continue to age. I’ve a history of hurt I am still laying at the feet of a Jesus who heals. I’ve insecurities enough for us both, though I try to believe truth when their lies rage against me. I’ve a host of fears – that you’ll leave, or lie, or replace me. That I won’t be enough for you. I can’t be the perfect Christian wife, and don’t know that I want to try.

But I do have passion that burns deep and hot like the embers of a campfire still glowing in dawn’s light. I have faithfulness that can’t be shaken by any temptation that can be offered, any glittering thing or charming tongue. I have the beauty and strength of an ancient oak that has weathered the fiercest storms and still stands tall, offering shade and color and shelter through the seasons. I have wisdom to help guide you, a steady hand to hold, and a gentle word when this world won’t let up.

I’ll never be your perfect woman – however you define her. But I’ll be the best love you could have hoped for.

I know you’ll let me down. You’ll forget dates that are important to me. You won’t show up when I need you, or understand when I need to talk without fixing anything. Your silence will frustrate me, your insensitivity will hurt me. You will let me down.

But you will see me in ways I need to be seen, in all the places that feel invisible or insignificant. You’ll be my strength, the hand on the small of my back, when I’m afraid because I don’t believe in myself. You will be a voice of calm when anxiety overwhelms, and a fixed place to land when the world goes crashing about like a ship at sea. Your side will be the strong, soft place I curl into at night, your arms my safe place to run.

You’ll never be my perfect love – however I define it. But you’ll be the best love I could have hoped for.



  1. Barb said,

    June 27, 2014 at 9:08 am

    I may be your older, more evil twin. I will pray your best and perfect love comes along soon.

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